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Should Investors Brace for More Volatility?

It was just two weeks ago that a number of year-end stock market forecasts were being revised upward, seduced by the siren song of tax reform and the giddy surge higher to start the year. But after the sharp reversal of the past two weeks, there is undoubtedly some regret in the haste to revise expectations higher.


Higher Bond Yields Test Equity Markets

One, almost universal fear of equity investors came home to roost last week, as higher bond yields pushed stocks off their lofty perch. Valuations that were elevated by almost any measure were presumed safe as long as interest rates stayed low. As long as bonds offered little competition for stocks, and future earnings could be discounted at unusually favorable rates, ever rising stock prices could be justified. But the complacency embedded in that thinking began to crack two weeks ago, as the yield curve began to shift higher.

Ameriprise Financial Along with its Employees and Advisors Give $15 Million and 77,000 Volunteer Hours in Support of Nonprofits

MINNEAPOLISJan. 31, 2018 – Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE: AMP), along with its employees and advisors, donated $15 million and logged 77,000 volunteer hours at nonprofits across the country in 2017. In keeping with its longstanding philanthropic priorities, the company focused on supporting causes that provide basic needs, like food and shelter, and helping foster vibrant communities. Through its national partnership with Feeding America® and other hunger-relief organizations, the company provided more than 8.8 million meals to families and individuals facing hunger in 2017.

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Keys to a successful financial relationship for couples

Money is a common topic that can cause disagreements between couples. A new Ameriprise study reveals strategies to help you improve your financial relationship with your partner or spouse.