Minneapolis—(January 12, 2010) — Despite the worst recession in a quarter century, a recent survey by Ameriprise Financial found that a majority of its advisors believe their clients’ confidence in their ability to retire on schedule is remaining steady or increasing.
The survey, conducted in early November, asked approximately 1,300 Ameriprise financial advisors to describe their clients’ attitudes toward retirement. Of the respondents, 54 percent (695 advisors) said their clients’ confidence in their ability to retire on schedule is remaining steady. An additional 14 percent (176 advisors) reported that their clients’ confidence is increasing.
"While we know the economic downturn has changed the way many people envision their retirement, in our experience, those who work with a financial advisor tend to feel more financially secure," said Craig Brimhall, vice president of retirement wealth strategies at Ameriprise Financial. "On the heels of a hard-hitting recession, it's an especially positive sign that a majority of our advisors perceive that their clients remain confident they’ll reach this major milestone at the time they planned."
The survey was conducted via email, and responses were collected during the period November 9-16, 2009.

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