The holiday season sparks the philanthropic spirit in many people and need remains great this year due to the struggling economy. The positive news is that Americans are still giving. No matter what time of year or to which organization an individual or family chooses to give, there are many things to consider. Ameriprise financial advisors are available to discuss the things that families should think about as they plan to give philanthropically now and in the future. Possible topics include:
- The most important factors to consider before making a charitable contribution and ways to give philanthropically – beyond making a cash donation.
- How to make a gift – large or small – on behalf of someone else.
- Including philanthropic giving in estate and legacy planning.
- Ways to maximize charitable contributions from a tax perspective.
- The importance of including charitable giving in your annual budget in order to give as often as desired.
Many of our financial advisors choose to donate their time, talents and money to nonprofit organizations. Read a few of their stories here