Endings and New Beginnings: The financial impact of a divorce
January is a time of new beginnings and for some that means filing for divorce. While those who are going through this life-changing event may empathize with the celebrity couples who are also ending their marriages, most don’t have the same financial means on which to rely after the split. Ameriprise financial advisors are available to discuss ways to avoid financial fallout during or following a divorce. Possible topics include:
- Things to consider while adjusting to a new income and budget.
- Ways to approach splitting up assets without compromising your financial security.
- Urgent to-do’s following a divorce like changing beneficiaries and reviewing insurance coverage.
- Financial tips for newly single parents and ways to manage alimony and child support payments.
- Re-evaluating short- and long- term financial goals like buying your own home and retirement.
Check out what Suzanna de Baca, vice president of wealth strategies, suggests for those undergoing a divorce.