It’s estimated that a record 21.8 million students are attending American colleges and universities this school year and roughly 8.7 million of them are older students, ages 25 and up.* Determining how to balance work, family, personal passions and other demands with college courses can be challenging for adults who return to school. Another challenge for many is determining how to pay for those credits — regardless of whether they’re still working and earning income, returning to school due to a lay-off or choosing to take a break in their career. Ameriprise advisors can offer advice like:
  • How to calculate the entire cost of returning to school and determining the best ways to fund it – with savings, loans, tuition reimbursement or other options
  • Methods of calculating the potential earning power increase based on the education program an individual pursues
  • Information and tips for applying for federal aid, grants and scholarships
  • Potential tax credits or deductions one is eligible for an adult student
  • Savings vehicles – like 529s – that can help individuals save for their own and their family members’ education

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