Valentine’s Day presents the opportunity for couples and families to celebrate their relationships. Unfortunately, even the strongest bonds can be jeopardized – and financial security threatened – when something unexpected happens. Ameriprise financial advisors are available to discuss the risks families may be exposed to, and the ways they can reduce the possibility of financial instability in the wake of an unexpected event or family tragedy. Possible topics include:
- Things people tend to overlook when they consider their insurance needs.
- Milestones that should prompt a close review of one’s insurance policies.
- Guidance for starting and maintaining productive conversations about insurance between family members.
- Types of insurance that a single person or those with a family should consider to supplement workplace benefits.
- Ways to calculate where there might be gaps in a family’s protection plan.
- Methods to include the cost of insurance into one’s budget and overall financial plan.

Read about what drives one of our financial advisor’s passion for insurance.