Back-to-school season is a great time for parents to enhance their child’s education by teaching skills their son or daughter may not learn in the classroom – like financial management basics. Credit and stored-value cards have made money intangible and as a result, kids often misunderstand the process of earning, saving and spending money. Parents can contribute to building their child’s money management skills early on with a little guidance. Ameriprise financial advisors are available to discuss:

- Age-appropriate ways to educate children, teenagers and young adults about managing finances.
- Ways to introduce the concepts of investments, credit lines and loans to children.
- Things parents can do to encourage financial goal-setting and to help their child reach their financial goals.
- Ideas about how to make allowances and loans from parents similar to those in the “real world.”
- The importance of allowing older children and teens to manage their own finances for practice.
- Tips on how parents can lead their young adult to becoming financially independent.