Financial Risk & Investor Attitudes Study

Ameriprise Financial (NYSE: AMP), today unveiled new research on how U.S. investors perceive financial risk and how those feelings shape investment decision-making. The Financial Risks & Investor Attitudes study uncovered that a vast majority of respondents (73%) tend to avoid risk entirely or weigh risk very carefully when engaging in financial decisions. With the recent market volatility as a backdrop, these respondents admit that by taking a more proactive role in their financial education and investing strategies, they could better understand and embrace a level of financial risk that could potentially benefit their portfolios. 
“Investing for the long-term, while also trying to navigate market swings, is one of the biggest challenges facing investors,” says Marcy Keckler, vice president of Financial Advice Strategy at Ameriprise. “Whether you are an experienced investor or beginning to build your retirement nest egg, having a comprehensive financial plan and understanding how risk factors into your plan can help build financial confidence.”

Retirement 2.0 Study

 Ameriprise Financial (NYSE: AMP), today released the results of the new Retirement 2.0SM  study, revealing that the majority of Gen Xers (76%) report proactively planning for their retirement, with eight in 10 (79%) respondents currently saving through a 401(k) plan, and seven in 10 (69%) investing in an IRA or similar account.

The Retirement 2.0 study, which surveyed more than 1,500 Americans between the ages of 35-50 with at least $100,000 in investable assets, took a comprehensive look at how Gen X is approaching retirement. The study also explored how they have invested and saved for this major milestone; and how they expect to spend their retirement years. Encouragingly, the study found that Gen Xers began planning for retirement early and started saving at the average age of 26. They anticipate relying on their 401(k) accounts (42%) or IRAs (29%) as their main sources of income during retirement, while pensions (14%) and Social Security (5%) are expected to take a back seat as primary sources of retirement funding.

Retirement Triggers Study

Choosing to retire is the biggest financial decision most people will make during their lifetimes, and numerous factors influence how and when an individual chooses to pull the retirement trigger. The Retirement Triggers study, commissioned by Ameriprise Financial, examines the financial and emotional aspects of retirement preparation that recent retirees say led them to have the confidence to officially enter retirement.

We asked for input from the first wave of retiring baby boomers to understand how various actions, plans and life events played a role in making the decision to leave their primary profession. After hearing from 1,000 respondents who have been formally retired for five years or less, we learned more about the elements within their careers, families, social circles and bank accounts that led them to have the confidence to retire.